“Ok can you ELI5?” – Say what?!? The Internet with its constantly changing languages can be a very confusing place. We are here to help. So behold, six popular internet Slang Words and Acronyms that could be useful to know.

What It Means: Fixed That For You
This particular phrase is in two ways. The first one is when someone literally fixed something for you. And the second way is when you’re being sarcastic.

What It Means: Explain Like I’m 5
Is mostly used in tech and science forums. But slowly leaking it’s way into the more mainstream types of topics on the Internet. It’s pretty self-explanatory. Whenever you need someone to dumb it down a bit for you, ask them to “explain it like I’m 5 years old”, or ELI5.

What It Means: Short for “you are stupid.”
Remember the real life facepalm? Well the digital one reduces the entire series of action in one word. It’s used can to express disappointment, to ridicule someone, or to show your disapproval about something or someone.

What It Means: When you did something extremely stupid.
The Headdesk is the ultimate facepalm. When someone says or does something amazingly idiotic, you hit your head on the desk to show your utter loss of faith in humanity. This one is a bit dramatic, if you ask us.

What It Means: In Case You Missed It.
It’s a way of saying, “You might have already seen this, but if not, here you go.” Also used as the perfect disclaimer for you are not on top of trends anymore, but want to share them anyway.

What It Means:Not Safe For Life
You might know NSFW. That one is used more for something that would be offensive in a formal environment, like at work. NSFL is different. This tag usually has images, videos or content so graphic that it could be scarring you for life….


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